Statements from the Grassroots

Calls to action from concerned students, postdocs and faculty to their departments

Following #StrikeForBlackLives and #ShutDownSTEM calls on June 10, 2020, many academic departments received calls to action from their students, postdocs and faculty. Our observation is that graduate students took the lead to voice their concerns and draw a path for our institutions to do better. We collated many of the statements that were released either publicly or locally by students at several universities. If we don’t have your statement, and if you would like to share it, please contact us!

Although each university has problems that are specific to their own departments, there are also commonalities in what students identify as shortfalls and how these can be addressed. In all the statements we read, there is also urgency. As a group of Fermilab scientists put it: We want action - now. Here is a list of common demands in these calls to action:

An incomplete list of statements that were presented to their respective institutions: