Python Seminars

A summer seminar series for using Python in your scientific research
Python Computing Research Programming Seminars

Starting June 2nd, 2021
Every other Wednesday; 2PM United States-Central Time (UTC-5)

Graduate student and postdoc instructors will cover Python essentials for excelling in your research


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About this Event

Several research subfields in physics and astronomy have elements of data analysis, numerical calculations, figure creation, and software design. In most subfields, Python has become the programming language of choice. This summer seminar series will intorduce you to the Python programming language, familiarize you with popular science computing packages, and touch on some essential concepts for academic research. Join us every other Wednesday to take your research to the next level! All materials will be made available on this page after each seminar.

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Date Instructor Seminar
6-2-2021 Julian Marohnic (1) Introduction to Doing Science in Python for REAL Beginners
6-16-2021 Adam Miller (2) Visualizing Data with Matplotlib
6-30-2021 Ramsey Karim (3) NumPy, Functions, and Data
7-14-2021 John Evans (4) Fitting Models to Data
7-28-2021 Tomás Ahumada (5) Introduction to Image Processing
8-11-2021 Brian Nord, Savannah Thais,
and Renee Cummings
(6) Ethics of Scientific Research and AI
8-25-2021 Rob Morgan (7a) Parallel A: Best Coding Practices for Python
8-25-2021 Melissa Morris (7b) Parallel B: Popular Data Analysis Packages
9-8-2021 Katie Latimer (8a) Parallel A: Version Control with GitHub
9-8-2021 Kate Storey-Fisher (8b) Parallel B: Introduction to Machine Learning


Lecture recordings and materials will be linked here following each seminar.

Seminar 1: Introduction to Doing Science in Python for REAL Beginners

Seminar 2: Visualizing Data with Matplotlib